Ignacio Vivanco

The historic Ruiz Galindo Family Coffee Roasting Hacienda

Since the 1500s, this area of Veracruz has been coveted by farmers for its good climate and rich, volcanic soil. Early Spanish settlers flocked here to start ranches and farms, and in the 1800s, Don Ignacio Vivanco and others established large plantations to meet the demands of the growing sugar cane and coffee trades.

From it’s establishment in 1888, Vivanco’s property, including the Hacienda Las Animas and roasting facility, became a prosperous coffee-growing plantation worked by ejido farmers and area residents.

By the time Antonio Ruiz Galindo purchased the Hacienda, the original fields had been relocated but the roasting facility continued to work at full capacity.

Long-known in Europe for the remarkable quality and taste of the coffee grown in this region, the plantation exported up to 7,000 bags (over 1 million pounds) of coffee per year to mostly European traders.

Today, the 1888 Coffee Company produces over 9 million pounds of coffee and is growing. And for the first time, this exceptional coffee is available in the United States.