Signature Estate Blend

High Mountain Blend • Shade Grown

Bold and fresh in feeling, our signature blend is sourced from local farmers who deliver their Arabica beans to our mill. Here, we take the time to cure the beans before drying them – a process lost in the blending practices of large companies. Expect a coffee that hits the top notes in taste with a nutty aroma.

100% Arabica | Medium Roast | Ground

Tasting Notes

Medium body
Caramel with almonds and chocolate
Good balance, mild acidity

Pairing suggestion:

Almond biscotti

For the Perfect Brew

Use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 fl. oz. water, adjusting for taste.

Store in tightly sealed bag or airtight container in a cool, dark and dry place.

Signature Estate Blend

Available in 8oz. (226,8g) Fresh Sack
And 12oz. (340g) as well as 5lb bags for coffee shops!

Caramel, almond and chocolate notes distinctively stand out in this 100% High-Grown Arabica ground coffee. An excellent choice for traditional drip coffee makers, you’ll enjoy the best of Mexican coffee in every cup. ~ Carlos Rendón Sampieri, Licensed Q grader