• Garden and fountain of Hacienda “Las Animas”

    Las Animas
  • The Hacienda

  • Pico de Orizaba overlooks the drying patios, circa 1940s

    Pico de Orizaba overlooks the drying patios
  • Drying coffee

    Drying coffee
  • Coffee processing equipment

    Coffee Processing Equipment
  • A steam engine originally powered the processing machinery

    Horizontal Steam Engine
  • Horizontal barrel dryers

    Horizontal Barrel Dryers
  • Pico de Orizaba looms over nearby farms

    Pico de Orizaba
  • The Chapel at Hacienda “Las Animas”

    Chapel at Las Animas

A Family Tradition

Our coffee-growing estate was established more than 130 years ago in the fertile lands above Veracruz. Blessed by high altitude along with tropical sun and rain, the land’s rich, volcanic soil provides the ideal environment for the cultivation of Arabica beans.

In 1936, Antonio Ruiz Galindo purchased the magnificent Hacienda “Las Animas.” An industrialist and innovator, he initiated farming and roasting techniques that created the exceptional aroma and flavor of the premium coffee offered by the 1888 Coffee Company.

Generations of the Ruiz Galindo family have meticulously maintained the Hacienda and its coffee-growing, milling and roasting operations ever since. Today, Armando Ruiz Galindo operates the Hacienda and is the Global President of 1888 Coffee Company.

Hacienda Las Animas
DM Nacional
Ignacio Vivanco

Shade-grown coffee on our finca (farm)

The Growing Region of Veracruz – 2nd Largest in Mexico

Nature, skilled growers and close proximity to shipping access have made the mountainous lands of Veracruz the second-largest coffee-growing region in Mexico. Vegetation thrives here in what is called a “Cloud Forest,” along the “Veracruzana Coffee Route.” Farmers and master roasters have been producing the world’s finest coffees here for more than a century.

The Huatusco area is the main coffee producer region in the State of Veracruz.

The proven, all-natural coffee-farming techniques used to cultivate the evergreen coffee plants have been refined and perfected over more than 75 years. To this day, coffee beans are handpicked and gently roasted in small batches to produce the premium coffees offered by the 1888 Coffee Company

Two coffee aficionados share their passion

Armando Ruiz Galindo continues his family’s legacy at the Hacienda by overseeing the production of premium select coffee. He leads the fourth generation of Ruiz Galindos in maintaining the spirit of its founder through values of integrity, gratefulness, and a passion for excellence.

Manning Lopez, California entrepreneur and co-owner of the 1888 Coffee Company, has visited the Hacienda many times over the past 20 years. Reminded of the vineyards of his beloved Napa Valley, Lopez was soon steeped in the culture of café Veracruz.

Together they are distributing this line of premium coffees throughout the world.