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1888 Coffee Locations

Enjoy a perfectly brewed and prepared cup of 1888 Coffee every time you visit!

Additionally we have pastries from popular local bakers & a delicious, full Breakfast & Lunch menu.

Check out our store locations:

1888 Coffee Station at Bacheesos Location on Lake Merritt

Enjoy the perfect cup of coffee with a delicious pastry or meal.

What makes a great cup of coffee

We think 1888 Coffee is the ultimate premium coffee. Why? Consider this:

1. The coffee bean

1888 features 100% pure Arabica beans – ideally cultivated in a high-altitude environment and shade-grown in fertile volcanic soil giving the coffee richer flavor, bolder body and aroma. Alternatively, Robusta beans grow almost anywhere, their flavor is less complex, and they contain higher levels of caffeine.

2. Origin and cultivation process

1888 Coffee is grown in the lush mountains of the world-renown Cloud Forest of Veracruz, Mexico. Our all-natural cultivation includes hand-picking and discerning selection, resulting in the best quality coffee beans available anywhere.

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3. Roasting

Roasting is an art that the family-owned 1888 Coffee Estate has been perfecting for four generations. The degree of roasting, temperature, and timing determine the flavor and body. 1888 Coffee is medium-roasted in small batches. You’ll detect hints of caramel, almonds and chocolate in the overall flavor with mild acidity creating a pleasant drinking experience.

4. Freshness

Once coffee beans are exposed to oxygen through roasting and grinding, the process of oxidation begins resulting in stale coffee that’s lost its delicate flavors, turned bitter and tastes dull. Our premium coffee moves from field to roast to packaging to table in days – not weeks or months like others.

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