Antonio Ruiz Galindo – Industrialist and Benefactor

Antonio Ruiz Galindo

Antonio Ruiz Galindo was born in Cordoba, Veracruz, in 1897 and rose to become a prominent manufacturer of steel furniture by the 1930s, founding National DM. As a business owner he was admired for the treatment of his workforce – he offered good wages and living conditions that were beyond ordinary for the time.

In 1936, Ruiz Galindo purchased the Hacienda “Las Animas” from the Vivanco estate in the town of Fortín.

Dating back to 1888, the estate included the original hacienda and a working coffee production and roasting facility. Using his superior management style, the operation flourished throughout his lifetime as area workers benefited from his fair supervision.

Don Antonio died in 1981. During his life, Antonio Ruiz Galindo was an emblematic figure who brought substantial investment and prosperity to his business, and consequently, Fortín as well. He is remembered today as the patriarch and founder of the Ruiz Galindo Family Coffee Roasting Hacienda.