Founder’s Premium Decaf

Single Sourced • Shade Grown

Savor a depth of flavor and bright taste in this smooth-bodied coffee. From seed to roast, our coffee is grown and produced in only one region in Veracruz. This allows us to hand-select the finest beans from local farms, such as the renowned Finca Kassandra. The result is a singular coffee, worthy of the name, Founder’s Premium.

100% Arabica | Medium Roast | Whole Bean | Decaf

Tasting Notes

Medium body
Fresh bread, berries & butter with dark chocolate
Nicely rounded with crisp acidity

Pairing suggestion:

Coconut macaroons drizzled with chocolate

For the Perfect Brew

Use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 fl. oz. water, adjusting for taste.

Store in tightly sealed bag or airtight container in a cool, dark and dry place.

Over 30% of this coffee was grown on a Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farm that helps protect the environment and ensures sustainable livelihoods.

Founders Premium Decaf

Available in 12oz (340g) bags.

A variety of medium-roasted beans in this strictly high grown (SHG) Veracruz coffee presents a different character than the Family Reserve. This coffee is particularly suited to brewing with the Chemex method (see below for instructions), which really brings out the berry notes and a crisp acidity. ~ Carlos Rendón Sampieri, Licensed Q grader

Chemex Method

The pour over (Chemex Method) is a simple process where you can end up with a solid cup of coffee your first try.

What you’ll need for this method:

– Fresh roasted coffee beans
– Filtered water
– A coffee bean grinder
– A Chemex
– Cone oxygen-bleached filters
– A gooseneck kettle, which will allow you more control and accuracy while pouring
– An digital, instant read thermometer
– A gram scale
– A timer
– Scissors

chemex brew

Fill your kettle with approximately 700 grams (about 3 cups) of water. You’ll be using a portion of it to rinse the filter, and part of the water will be absorbed by and remain in the filter and coffee grounds at the end of the process, so you’ll need the extra. Start to boil your water.

Open the filter and place it inside the Chemex with the three-walled side of the filter centered over the pouring groove in the Chemex.
Once the water is boiling, rinse the filter. Peel back part the wet filter and empty the water. Measure 30 grams of beans then grind. Add the grounds to the filter and make level. Set the Chemex on top of the scale.

Prebrew. With the water at 200° add just a small portion of the water to the grounds. You want to add as little as possible while fully saturating the grounds.

Start the timer and allow the prebrew about 45 seconds, then gently begin to add water in small circles, in the middle of the grounds, being sure to keep the flow of water away from the sides. As the water level begins to rise wait for a few seconds until it drains back to the original level of the prebrew. Continue doing this, slowly adding water, while maintaining the same approximate level, until the scale tips 400g, which should take place at about 3:00 on your timer. Just before the last of the water disappears into the grounds, remove and discard the
filter (around 3:30).

Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!