Chorreado style of Costa Rica

Cafecito Chorreado (Coffee Costa Rican style)


2 tbsp finely ground 1888 coffee

4 cups water

Optional: Cinnamon, Vanilla, Chocolate or Cloves



Chorreador de cafeA traditional Costa Rican coffee preparation: Using a Chorreador de café, very finely ground coffee goes into a cloth filter and then hot water is dripped through. The filter is washed and dried between each use.

Bring water to a boil. Place two tablespoons of fine ground 1888 coffee into the filter, then mount the filter on the wooden stand.

Place a glass or stainless steel receptor under the filter and begin to slowly pour the boiling water into the filter. You may have to stop occasionally so that the level of water drops. Continue pouring as needed until you have four cups.

You may add a small amount of cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate or cloves to the mixture to enhance the taste.