Coffee grown with passion, meant to be shared

The tradition dates back more than 120 years, when the coffee-growing estate was established on the fertile lands above Veracruz. Growing and roasting premium Arabica beans in one of the world’s richest coffee-growing regions is our legacy here at the 1888 Coffee Company. We use natural cultivation methods and work with a licensed Q Grader to ensure quality and flavor. It is our pleasure to share these exceptional coffees with you.

Hand-cultivated and roasted to perfection

Grown in the volcanic soils of Citlaltépetl, or Pico de Orizaba, under a canopy of old-growth shade trees

High above the busy port city of Veracruz, Mexico in the acclaimed Huatusco region, you will find one of North America’s oldest family-owned and operated coffee plantations, established more than 120 years ago.

The Ruiz Galindo Family Coffee Roasting Estate provides premium coffees:

Grown using only natural methods and selectively harvested by hand

100% Arabica, medium roasted

Favored throughout Mexico and Europe for decades

Drying, milling, roasting and packaging is all done at our facility in Veracruz, Mexico. Most other coffees are processed from beans purchased from large coffee exchanges and transported hundreds (if not thousands) of miles.

All our coffee is hand-curated and shipped fresh from the source to ensure the deliciously distinctive aromas, rich colors, and sumptuous flavors.

Coffee is a passion to be shared – an art as well as an act of hospitality.” ~ Armando Ruiz Galindo, Global President

Private Reserve

Family Reserve

Pick of the season, typically set aside for the Estate.

Earthy, vibrant, and well-balanced whole-bean coffee.

Whole bean 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™

Single Sourced | Micro Lot


Founders Premium

Founder’s Premium

Hand-selected beans from local farms,
including the acclaimed Finca Kassandra.

Medium body, nicely rounded with crisp acidity.

Over 30% of this coffee is grown on a
Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farm

Signature Estate Blend

Signature Estate Blend

Medium body, caramel with almonds and chocolate.

Good balance with mild acidity.

Heritage Collection

Heritage Collection

Pan-roasted and nutty with a hint of chocolate.

Soft acidity and good balance.


Available for the first time in the United States

Rainforest Alliance Certified
Mountain Grown Coffee
Supervisores en Calidad Kosher S.C. Pareve Certified

100% Arabica Beans | Shade Grown | Kosher