1888 Coffee – A Freshness Like No Other

Something that is very unique about 1888 Coffee Company is that we air ship our small batch, freshly roasted beans directly from our farm in Veracruz, MX to our café in Oakland, CA. From there, it’s either brewed fresh for our customers or shipped priority mail directly to customers who purchase online.

Every bean is treated as a prize from the moment it is picked to the moment it is packed and delivered to you. From when the cherry bean is first handpicked, to when it is dried and green, to when it is brown and roasted it’s never allowed to sit for weeks at a time because 1888 Coffee oversees and handles every part of the detailed process.

The importance is that 1888 Coffee’s coffee is not handled by any other company but our own. Most all commercial brands of coffee cannot guarantee this aspect. Most coffee, including specialty coffees, are traded by big companies all over the world. They gather coffee from many growers and processors and it sits for months in their warehouses. Additionally, when the green coffee beans are sold they can spend up to 6 weeks traveling by boat if they are coming from continents such as Africa or Asia. Then you have to include the time it takes for all of the logistics to go through US customs and to distribute the coffee. All of this takes a significant amount of time and then it stays for some additional weeks in roasters stock before being roasted and dispatched to the final destination. So, when a coffee reseller is promoting their “freshly roasted coffee” it may be recently roasted, but the beans themselves are probably dated.

1888 Coffee’s Veracruz coffee is a direct trade coffee which is freshly processed in our farm and freshly roasted right before it is air shipped to California. Our single-origin, 100% Arabica beans’ flavor is full and vibrant which allows you to optimally taste more of the flavor characteristics. You can expect the highest quality from 1888 Coffee’s freshly picked, processed and roasted coffee.

Brew at home – Relax – Enjoy.