An exceptional selection of handcrafted gourmet roasts. All are 100% Arabica Medium Roast & are grown in Veracruz, MX. Subscribe online and use the code “Allegro” for FREE SATURDAY DELIVERY!


We Also Provide Coffee On a Subscription basis. You can Buy the Subscription package from here.


Family Reserve – Our highly coveted single sourced beans are traditionally reserved for the Ruiz Galindo Family Coffee Roasting Estate. This Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee is available to Allegro residents in limited release. Experience the earthy and vibrant coffee enjoyed by family, friends and dignitaries at the Estate, and taste the best of Veracruz.

Founder’s Premium: Savor a depth of flavor and bright taste in this smooth-bodied blend. From seed to roast, this coffee is grown and produced in only one region in Veracruz. This allows us to hand-select the finest beans from local farms, such as the renowned Finca Kassandra. The result is a singular coffee, worthy of the name, Founder’s Premium.

Signature Estate Blend: Bold and fresh in feeling, our signature blend is sourced from local farmers who deliver their Arabica beans to our mill. Here, we take the time to cure the beans before drying them – a process lost in the blending practices of large companies. Expect a coffee that hits the top notes in taste with a nutty aroma.

Heritage Collection: Like watching a beautiful sunset, it’s worth taking a moment every day to appreciate the just-roasted aroma and clean taste of our Heritage Collection coffee. Our Heritage Collection blend is always bold, without the bitterness of lesser quality coffees, and always a pleasure.

“Our dedication to providing the best quality of coffee to coffee lovers the world over also includes a commitment to our workers. This means doing all we can to help ensure that the workers who earn a living in the coffee fields of Mexico and other countries have access to clean water, housing, and education for themselves and their families.”
Armando Ruiz Galindo

  • Family Reserve 12oz. Subscription

    Family Reserve Subscription

    From: $19.99 / month
  • Founders Premium 12oz Subscription

    Founder’s Premium Subscription

    From: $18.49 / month
  • Signature Estate Blend 12oz Subscription

    Signature Estate Blend Subscription

    From: $16.49 / month
  • Heritage Collection 12oz Subscription

    Heritage Collection Subscription

    From: $14.49 / month